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I said “have a nice day!” to this old dude and apparently that’s not fucking good enough because he retrieved his wallet and from like a stack of 30 of these things pulled one out and gave it to me and said something like “I hope you reconsider your choices next time”

holy shit

This is the most self entitled shit i’ve seen all day

If it’d been me I would have replied with “I commanded you have a nice day and enjoy all it has to offer and not dwell on the negative. But now I retract that, and I command you have a horrible day and preferably get hit by a bus.” But I’m a smart ass like that.

This makes me unreasonably angry. Ordering you to have a nice day is one of the least distressing things I could wish upon you as I leave your company.

Moreover, it’s meant as a pleasantry, not a literal statement for you to heed.

And aside from that, you telling me what I meant to say can be considered just as bad as me ordering you around with my unacceptable repartee.


See this right here is why it is universally considered soul destroying to work in retail (or the service industry in general)
To those who may not have had the misfortune it should be noted there are countless rules of what we can and can not say/do when interacting with customers. That’s right all those super annoying, stupid things that everyone complains about are things we HAVE to do, it’s in our contracts.

Retail is an extremely taxing  job, emotionally and physically. We are subjected to abuse, harassment and public humiliation on a daily basis. Most of us are paid minimum wage, work long days and receive few benefits for our trouble. 
So maybe next time, before declaring how incompetent we are to your fellow shoppers because we asked if you wanted a bag (we know you wanted a bag okay, we’re not stupid, we are just contractually obliged to ask), or berating us for our use of ‘imperative statements’ remember, that like you, we’re Human, people with feelings, treat us as such.

And when we say ‘Have a nice day’ instead of handing out pretentious passive aggressive cards how about you just say ‘thanks, you too’ and remember the only reason you’re talking to us is because ‘Place items in the bagging area’ is apparently too complex a task for you without assistance. 

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